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A Remarkably Contemporary 2023 AIG Women’s Open: Uniting Renowned Golfers, a Celebrated Singer-Songwriter, and Innovative Eco-Friendly Water Stations

The synergy between the world’s top female professional golfers, an English singer-songwriter sensation, and groundbreaking eco-conscious water stations finds its nexus in the modern rendition of the 2023 AIG Women’s Open.

Bluewater, the pioneering Swedish entity renowned for its sustainable water purification and beverage solutions designed for homes, workplaces, and leisure, is poised to provide instant purified water to throngs of golf enthusiasts this week. Attendees of the prestigious 2023 AIG Women’s Open, held at the distinguished Walton Heath Golf Club in Surrey, England, in proximity to London, between August 9 and 13, will enjoy access to this trailblazing and environmentally friendly water service.

Bengt Rittri, the visionary CEO and founder of Bluewater, expressed, “At Bluewater, we take immense pride in furnishing premium and sustainable hydration solutions for one of the globe’s premier sporting and entertainment extravaganzas. This event features not only luminaries from the realm of women’s professional golf but also the presence of a music icon like Ellie, coupled with the fervent spectators who rally behind these inspiring athletes competing in the championship.”

Bluewater has forged an exceptional ecosystem encompassing point-of-use water purifiers and reusable stainless-steel bottles, rendering event organisers forward-looking in their endeavor to break free from the historical dependence on disposable plastic bottles, and thereby mitigate the environmental repercussions associated with their usage.

At the iconic Walton Heath venue, Bluewater has outfitted nine distinct locales with its revolutionary water purification and dispensing solutions. A notable attraction stands as the ‘Wall of Water,’ prominently emblazoned with the championship’s vivacious visual identity, situated in the main spectator village. This immersive installation houses a high-brightness 55” television screen, adorned with tailor-made digital content to foster fan engagement. Tailored for world-class events and venues, the Bluewater Wall of Water seamlessly integrates a large-scale water dispensing solution with a singular brand activation platform, propelling sustainable communication opportunities to the forefront.

Bengt Rittri emphasised, “Events such as the AIG Women’s Open embody sustainability pioneers, effectively showcasing that hydration can be accomplished on a grand scale without resorting to the use of disposable plastic water bottles that pose threats to both our planet and human well-being.”

This convergence of elite athletes, an acclaimed music artist, and transformative eco-friendly water dispensing represents a compelling stride towards a more sustainable and progressive future.


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