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British Agency Introduces Groundbreaking Naming Strategy for Brands

A revolutionary naming strategy that could reshape the future of brand naming has been introduced by a British branding agency.

A company’s name is more than just a convenient moniker; it has the power to define and influence its culture and future, either positively or adversely. Choosing the right name for a company, brand, product, or institution is a nuanced task. How do you ensure the selected name will foster long-term growth and meaningful customer relationships? Should you rely solely on instinct?

Revolutionary Approach

Paul Vinogradoff, a brand consultant at Fruiting League, has formulated a unique approach to naming evaluation. This method involves an in-depth analysis of a name’s phonemic weight and semantic resonance, leading to a comprehensive scorecard and an overall ‘Brand Growth Potential‘ evaluation.

Language, with its millennia of evolution, is layered with meaning. The agency contends that a name is as critical as it is functional. The structure of a name can provide key insights into brand performance, and in cases of underperformance, a name change, partial or complete, might be necessary.

Illustrative Case Study

A recent project undertaken by Fruiting League involved the rebranding of a Norwegian hospital and emergency software company, previously named CSAM, to Omda. “’Omda’ signifies ‘if then’ in Norwegian, reflecting the core principle of computer programming which is central to their products,” Kershen Teo, Fruiting League’s creative director, describes. Paul Vinogradoff expounds on the phonemic analysis:

The element ‘Om’ is revered in many Eastern philosophies, symbolising a universal connection or healing. In Latin, omni indicates totality, while in Greek, omphalos represents the navel, a symbol of life’s beginning and connection. The ‘om’ sound encapsulates a variety of meanings, including generative power, eternity, fulfilment, and unity.

‘Da’ resonates positively in numerous languages, signifying patriarchal strength and grandeur. Names that resonate with deeply rooted positive meanings across languages, particularly when aligned with the industry or product, create a naturally appealing and valuable identity.

The rebranding invigorated the company and was met with enthusiasm from customers. Additionally, it led to an unprecedented interest from companies looking to be acquired by Omda.

Identifying Potential and Supporting Struggling Brands

In today’s economic landscape, identifying brands with potential and aiding those that are underperforming is essential. Fruiting League’s methodology accurately predicts a brand’s growth trajectory based on its name. They encourage entities curious about this unique approach to brand name phonemic analysis to contact them for insights into their market positioning.

With a combined 50 years in branding and a deep understanding of a range of languages, Paul Vinogradoff and Kershen Teo have developed a distinctive approach to leverage the phonemic properties of ancient and contemporary languages to foster success and growth.


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